When She is heard.

When She is heard.


Black girl, are you sad? Don’t be!

I had it way worse. They had it way worse.

You’re lucky you have food, clothes and shelter.

Stop crying before you are given something to cry about.

As if oversexuslization and colorism aren’t depressing enough to worry about.


Black girl, are you scared? Don’t be!

You are strong and resilient!

You get to stand up for yourself while others relax in silence.

You get to be the shoulders humanity stands upon.

You get to be the bottom of the barrel, the foundation of this society

Take pride in the emotional muscles you gained by carrying the weight of the world.

Why be afraid when your ass is the butt of every joke?

Don’t be scared, we made you the monster.


Black girl, are you confident? Don’t be!

Your hair isn’t yours, your nails aren’t real, your  body is weird, your skin is too dark.

Be original.

So original that people can’t afford the authentic version of you so they try and fail

And try and fail

And try and fail

To make copies of you.

Stop being you

And maybe the world will stop too


Black girl, are you happy? Don’t be!

Your joy is too costly.

Egos are left unfed when you deny them something to lust after.

The ignorant remain stupid when you refuse to give your mind for free

The dollar looses its value when you demand its fullness

We can’t make a profit off the energy your light emits.



Black girl, are you ready to speak? Don’t be!

Your voice is too loud. You’re always so defensive. Why are you so aggressive?

It was just a joke.

They probably didn’t mean it.

You’re being too sensitive. So overdramatic.

Why won’t you shut those big lips of yours?

What could you possible have to say?


Black girl, are you angry?





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