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On Mental Health

We all know that there is a stigma attached to Mental Health, even though it is one of the greatest common denominators of our human experience. What would society look like if we started having conversations about depression, anxiety, PTSD at an earlier age? Children wouldn’t have that “crazy uncle” or “psycho cousin”. Instead, they can offer grace and compassion to their family members who are living with mental illness and they won’t see Mental Health as something to avoid, but rather something to take care of. One of ESO’s goals is to end the stigma attached to Mental Health and ensure that youth are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to nurture good Mental Health. 

          Suicide Hotline : 1.800.273.8255 ||  Self-Harm Text Line : 741741  ||  National Youth Crisis Hotline : 1.800.448.4663  ||  Addiction Hotline : 1.800.662.4357